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30 Second Phone Charger

Those lost hours waiting pensively for your phone to charge may be a thing of the past, with the invention of a 30-second battery charger. An Israeli start-up has unveiled a prototype charger that claims ...
Google glass

Review: Google Glass

Google Glass Review  As we mentioned on Friday, a pair of the Google Glass landed here at Ebuyer HQ, and we were all desperate to try them out! But are they worth the £1,000 price ...
New Tech
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Keyboardless Keyboard

We’ve been bashing away at keyboards for over 150 years, and with the exception of evolving from print to electronic, not an awful lot has changed. Well this Texas based start-up has had enough with ...
Music Players Buying Guide

MP3 Player Buying Guide

Most MP3 or music players allow you to enjoy songs, podcasts, audiobooks and radio programmes while on the go. You can plug in earphones and listen privately, or plug your device into a speaker dock ...
Google Glass Sky

Unboxing Google Glass

Inside the Google Glass Box Look what landed at Ebuyer HQ this week – a pair of Google Glass! Are you thinking about getting a pair or intrigued by what they can do? We were! But ...

Who are Xiaomi?

It may look like another unpronounceable product name from the Far East but Xiaomi (Shiao-Me) are something different. The Chinese manufacturer could be soon challenging Apple and Samsung for dominance of the Asian smartphone market. ...
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What is a Gaming Mouse?

A gaming mouse is essentially a desktop mouse with additional functions to make it suited to computer gaming and high intensity programming. These functions often include programmable buttons, higher sensitivity, adjustable weight and faster response ...
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USB c header


The next generation of USB connectors is on its way, and with it follows great news, it’s reversible! USB ‘Type C’ will be the next step from USB 3.0 and is set to write those ...
iPhone 6 Rumours 2

Roundup: iPhone 6 Rumours

Whenever Apple, or any other major tech brand, announce that they are set to launch a new device, rumours always start to circulate. Mainly about when it will be released, how much it will cost ...
Fashion and Tech

Roundup: Tech Inspired Fashion

Fashion takes inspiration from many sources including trends from past decades, sports, film and travel, but now another industry has joined the style world – technology. In the past years wearable tech has become an ...
coolest kickstarter

The Coolest Kickstarter

The Kickstarter website has been a hotbed for awesome tech start-ups; Oculus Rift, Pono and  Pebble to name but a few. So when I tell you the fifth-highest funded Kickstarter ever is a cooler, you ...