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Crime Watcher App

Everyone likes to think their home is in a safe area, but how much information do you actually know about crimes committed on your doorstep?  Have you ever wondered how many burglaries are reported in your ...

Top 3 Alternatives to the iPhone 6

When you wanted quality hardware and software in a stylish package, the iPhone was once the obvious option. But smartphone shoppers today have a much tougher choice, as other manufacturers release top-of-the-range devices that threaten ...
chinese os

A Chinese operating system?

The lucrative tech market of China may be getting a new operating system in a bid to battle foreign imports and the creators of this OS, is the Chinese government themselves. The new OS is ...
toshiba sound bar

What is a Sound Bar

A sound bar is external speaker designed to amplify the audio you get from a TV. A sound bar will bypass the internal speakers in your TV, giving you better quality audio and a more ...
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Best Gadgets for Students

The right technology can help students make the most of their time at university. Whether you’re preparing for your first semester or buying a gift for an undergrad who’s flying the nest, check out our ...

iPhone 6 Fail

Dedicated Apple fans have been on tenterhooks awaiting for the release of the new iPhone 6, so it was no surprise that when the first unit went on sale in Australia this morning there were ...
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A Day in an Automated Life

We’re used to seeing traditional jobs being replaced by technology. Cashiers, phone operators and factory workers are just some of the occupations that have seen people be swapped by robots over the years thanks to ...
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Student Laptop Guide

Laptops are pretty much a key component for any student, but with so many on the market, how do you decide what features are best for you?    Do you need something with power, portability, ...
Samsung Parody

Samsung Mock Apple

The announcements made at Apple’s keynote conference last week were a little bit hit and miss, and like all good rivals, Samsung have released a series of parody videos on YouTube.  The two actors pose ...
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10 Uses of USB Flash Drives

  Many of us use USB flash drives on a daily basis, primarily for sharing and transporting files from one device to another, however, these powerful thumbdrives have much more to offer than storing data. ...
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Gmail detail leaked, Are you safe?

  Gmail users are being advised to update their security details after a database containing both usernames and passwords was hacked and exposed on a Russian website. Just under 5 million Gmail accounts were exposed ...
Apple Poll

Apple Poll

Unless you have been on a total media shut-down both last night and this morning, you will know the Apple announced the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, the Apple Watch and Apple Pay. The ...
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