Top 10 Netflix UK Dramas and Comedies

The clocks go back this Sunday October 26th, which means colder, longer, darker evenings are fast approaching. Summer BBQs are out of the window: this is the season for snuggling up with a blanket in ...
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Why buy a server?

Servers are no longer the domain of big businesses and complex IT teams. Servers are now an efficient, cost effective and secure way to manage any small businesses IT department. Ranging from small teams of ...
New Tech

Prizm – DJ in a Box

Bored of spending hours compiling playlists for every scenario in your living room? Annoyed your phone is always tied up to the speakers when entertaining? Well, with Prizm, you can get a device to solve these ...
Industry News
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Microsoft axe Nokia Brand

Microsoft have confirmed their intentions to drop one of the world’s most established brands from their future mobile devices. Nokia, a market leader in the mobile phone sector for decades, is set to be dropped, leaving ...
New Tech
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Hoverboards are real!  

  Hoverboards. The mere mention of this mythical flying tech has aroused the imaginations of sci-fi lovers for years. Well, 2014 could be the year your Back To The Future dreams come true with a ...

Xbox One Vs PS4- One Year On

  It’s been a full calendar year since the launch of next-gen consoles the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With the bedding-in process now over, a large portion of consumers will be looking to enter ...
Concept Technolgy
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Solar Tanning Printer

 Tanning, usually the domain of sun-seeking beach lovers and those wanting a Greek summer glow, but how about your paper? Solar technology is not normally the realm of office space, but that’s exactly what this ...
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Is your password safe?

Passwords are electronic keys to your online profile. They’re supposed to be a secure identification to access websites and should be guarded like you would your house or car keys. But is your password really ...
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Tech in the Workplace

Offices, businesses and even schools are beginning to get increasingly cluttered by technology. The average desk now boasts at least two monitors, a telephone and maybe even a Tablet PC or laptop too, but whilst ...
Food & Drink
Pizza box feature

90 Second Pizza Machine

Never mind pizza delivery in 30 minutes or less. How about a piping hot pizza in 90 seconds? Oh yes, the pizza-loving public’s prayers have been answered with a vending machine that can produce a ...
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