Should we be worried about AI?

We all know the story. The day when robots can out think and over power us measly humans. If the likes of Terminator and the Matrix are too believed, the soft, sensitive, consciousness-burdened homo sapien race will one ...
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What is a Gaming Keyboard?

Gaming keyboards are advanced or adapted keyboards that are designed help improve and optimise a user’s gaming experience. This can be anything from a more ergonomic setup to programmable keys, each with features unique to the ...
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App survey 2015

Apps they’re everywhere, from Androids to iPods and we want to know how you use them! If you’ve got a smartphone, tablet or smart device please have a go at the Ebuyer app survey. It’ll ...

Apple announce largest profits ever

Tech giant Apple are showing few signs of relinquishing their position as one of the industry’s biggest players. Indeed, if these latest figures are anything to go by, Apple’s grip on their active market’s is ...
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Tech in the NFL

It’s nearly NFL time once again! With the Superbowl closing in on the horizon it’s about time we all got into the American football spirit and what better way than to take a look at ...

Movies predicting tech

Its awards season, hurrah! That time of year when the most revered films of the past 12 months are given the golden shiny recognition they deserve. Here on the Ebuyer Blog, we’re counting down to ...

3D Printed Cars

3D printing is pretty amazing. Its potential is currently unmatched in the technology world, and an increasing amount of companies are looking to tap into that potential. The reach of 3D printing could touch countless ...

Windows 10 will be free!

Microsoft’s eagerly anticipated Windows 10 reveal is now over. The headline from Microsoft’s multitude OS based announcements? Windows 10 will be free at the time of release. Windows 10 has been a slow burn for ...
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The Classroom of the future

The role of technology in education has naturally advanced over the years, from classrooms full of chalkboards and notepads to electronic whiteboards and tablets; the technology used to aid learning has developed and changed significantly. ...

Top Fitness Apps

January can be a nightmare month if you’re looking to shed a few pounds. The Christmas hangover is revved into overdrive, with that extra slice of Christmas pud now a major source of regret. With ...
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How to Install an SSD

Thinking about installing an SSD drive to your desktop to speed up your system or just replacing your old Hard Drive with something a little zippier? Check out our video guide to installing a Solid ...

A day with the Internet of Things

During their CES keynote speech, Samsung outlined their disappointment at the technology industries lack of initiative in creating devices compatible with the “Internet of things”. Specifically, Samsung’s Chief Executive Boo Kuen Yoon, spoke of the ...

Best of CES 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show is over for another year. There has been no shortage of intriguing insights into what’s to come in the tech world in 2015 and beyond. Here’s what tingled my tech during ...
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What does Google know about me?

Google, the all-seeing internet presence that can deliver you anything from hairdressers reviews and food recommendations to map locations and free books but what does Google actually want from you… and what do they actually ...

The Future of Motoring

Cars have taken a much larger portion of the limelight from the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show of 2015. A number of the world’s biggest manufacturers have shown their face, armed with their visions for the ...
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Converting Waste to Water

Ok, first of all put your dinner down for the next few minutes, this one is pretty cool but definitely a little gross…. A company in Seattle have found a way to convert feces into ...
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