Audi Driverless Cars set for 2016

Interest in Autonomous vehicles is growing, but it always seemed like a rather distant vision of the future. Audi’s Chair of Brand Management, Rupert Stadler, has accelerated the concept of the driverless car to the ...
New Tech
Window-Socket title

Window Plug

  Windows. They’re everywhere. Those big distracting objects on your office wall are great for checking the weather, but not so useful when it comes to productivity. But what if you could harness those big ...
two step verification box

Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification is an online login process that protects your accounts by requiring two separate but linked stages to check your identity.  We all know the drill. When setting up a new online account, a ...
tablets under £100 feature

Tablets under £100

  The price of tablets has tumbled over the last five years. Users now have far wider choice when it comes to how much they spend on a portable device, but can you actually get a ...
orignial view

Hands on With Windows 10

A few weeks ago we covered the announcement from Microsoft of a new operating system, Windows 10. Alongside the announcement, Microsoft released an initial technical preview, allowing consumers a chance to feel their way around ...
free office feature

Microsoft Announce Free Office

  In a rather surprising turn, Microsoft have today announced that iPhone, iPad and Android tablet users will have free access to three Office applications. Users of Android or iOS devices have the opportunity to ...

Ask Zuck Anything

Every Thursday, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg opens his doors to all his Facebook employees for a Q&A session. This week, however, Zuckerberg has been kind enough to allow members of his social media community the ...

Decoding Dyslexia

Although 1 in 10 children in the UK are diagnosed with dyslexia, there are still many misconceptions about the learning disorder. Many people think that it is linked to IQ, that it is only a ...
internet tax feature

Internet Tax

Tax. It’s inevitable. We’re taxed on almost everything from cars to Coke, houses to health. But how would you feel if your internet use was taxed? Well, whoever thought the internet was a place where ...
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