toshiba sound bar

What is a Sound Bar

A sound bar is external speaker designed to amplify the audio you get from a TV. A sound bar will bypass the internal speakers in your TV, giving you better quality audio and a more ...
student featured image

Best Gadgets for Students

The right technology can help students make the most of their time at university. Whether you’re preparing for your first semester or buying a gift for an undergrad who’s flying the nest, check out our ...

iPhone 6 Fail

Dedicated Apple fans have been on tenterhooks awaiting for the release of the new iPhone 6, so it was no surprise that when the first unit went on sale in Australia this morning there were ...
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automated life feature

A Day in an Automated Life

We’re used to seeing traditional jobs being replaced by technology. Cashiers, phone operators and factory workers are just some of the occupations that have seen people be swapped by robots over the years thanks to ...
student laptop 1

Student Laptop Guide

Laptops are pretty much a key component for any student, but with so many on the market, how do you decide what features are best for you?    Do you need something with power, portability, ...
Samsung Parody

Samsung Mock Apple

The announcements made at Apple’s keynote conference last week were a little bit hit and miss, and like all good rivals, Samsung have released a series of parody videos on YouTube.  The two actors pose ...
USB featured Image

10 Uses of USB Flash Drives

  Many of us use USB flash drives on a daily basis, primarily for sharing and transporting files from one device to another, however, these powerful thumbdrives have much more to offer than storing data. ...
gmail hacked feature

Gmail detail leaked, Are you safe?

  Gmail users are being advised to update their security details after a database containing both usernames and passwords was hacked and exposed on a Russian website. Just under 5 million Gmail accounts were exposed ...
Apple Poll

Apple Poll

Unless you have been on a total media shut-down both last night and this morning, you will know the Apple announced the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, the Apple Watch and Apple Pay. The ...
apple keynote live

Live Apple Conference

Tonight, the press and media descend on Cupertino, California for a rather historic, and frankly well-hyped tech conference. For those of you who have shunned the news, social media and general conversation, tonight is the Apple ...

Apple Conference 2014

Big announcements from Apple are few and far between so the Autumn Keynote of 2014 had been pegged as one for the tech calendar. As arguably the most important tech announcements of the year, Apple ...
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sony short throw

Short throw projector

Projectors have been around for decades, popular in cinemas, classrooms and at lectures, but not some much at home. However the Sony’s recent foray into ‘short throw’ projectors have given the projector a new lease ...
How To
Portable Storage

How to Encrypt your Portable Storage

We have passwords for everything. Bank cards, smartphones, e-mails, laptops, even certain websites, all require a password and perhaps even a 2-step verification process to make sure that our private and information is secure. However, ...
Selfie Featured

The Rise of the Selfie Camera

Taking a Selfie has become the new photography phenomenon. Whether it’s taking pictures of yourself or squeezing everyone in to a group Selfie like Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars, turning the camera around is the ...

The rise of Office 365

The shift towards subscription based software across the market has seen a huge uptake in users of Office 365. As more devices including iPads, tablets and smartphones come be equipped with Office software, the subscription ...
upgrade browser header

Why upgrade a browser?

Users of old browsers may be experiencing a touch of regression after Google has begun showing out-of-date versions of their search engine. But how important is upgrading a browser? In a bid to keep people ...
phone tracking head

Mobile Phone Tracking

We’ve all seen movies where a bad guy gets caught after the cops triangulated his location from mobile phone records. But how realistic is mobile tracking data, can you really be traced through phone records? ...
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