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Just when we thought technology couldn’t get any better; The Ford Evos concept car arrived.
The Ford Evos concept car is the latest example of advanced technology and innovation being adopted by the automotive industry. This car has hit the industry with a breath taking idea that gives us a glimpse into the future of tomorrow’s vehicle.

The Ford Evos, a plug-in hybrid concept vehicle, has an edge which transforms driving into a new experience which is comparable to flying an interactive spaceship. The cars unique selling point is built around cloud technology as it looks to personalise your driving experience by always being connected to the internet. Receiving real time information from social networking sites, the car is able to map out fun and recommended routes that may well save time and inconvenience for you and your friends. No need for a Tom-tom with this car!!!
Ford has manufactured the vehicle with business men and women in mind, making connections between home, the office and daily routines. The concept car can cleverly read personal information, adapting to the needs of the driver. If you are feeling down and stressed, the car will automatically play cheerful music to pick you back up.
There has been a lot of talk around ‘mood endorsed advertising’ and Ford has jumped on this by designing a car that can tap into the human brain and recognise emotions. With its smart systems monitor, the car can pick up on the “physical state and feelings of the driver,” adjusting handling, heating, cooling and music to suit your level of alertness.
It can also detect what time you should be awake in the morning, sending signals to your alarm clock for that most important, early wake up call. Does this mean it will keep us awake on the dreaded commute to work? I’m not sure myself.
The design of the car is somewhat stylish and futuristic, including gull-wing doors and an interactive dashboard.
Is it just a transformer in disguise?
So could this car could be sneaky preview of what the future holds? The car makes its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 13 September 2011. If you are lucky enough to attend I would recommend taking a closer look.

We can safely say the manufacturing of cars has come on a long way since Henry Ford’s Model T debut in 1908 with a purchase price of £517. Ford’s mission was to come up with a concept that would result in the production of an affordable car with increased manufacture efficiency. The 1908 Model T was built with two forward gears, a 20 horsepower engine and no driver doors.
It was the most popular selling care at the time, with people eagerly queuing up to get their hands on it. Over ten thousand were sold in its first year, establishing a new record and meaning that by 1914, Ford could claim a 48% share of the automobile market.
It took four years and more to develop Model T and let’s not forget the cars were constructed by teams of skilled workmen and not machinery. I wonder what their faces would be like now, seeing the new concept car?
It also appears that humans can now control how a car works in conjunction with their health ‘cars that kill germs and bacteria’, a genius idea from Toyota. Cars are a prime place for dirt and grime and soon gather a build up from passengers and pets.
A handy little device called a Plasmacluster, can be installed into your car, circulating air and controlling the temperature so that germs are forced into an environment where they cannot breed and bacteria struggles to grow. It is a simple idea but extremely innovative.
This little nifty device generates positive and negatively charged ions which attach themselves to microbes and viruses in the air which kills them and leaves them to rapidly decay. The great news is, stand-alone purifiers are now available and are neatly designed to fit into a cup-holder and run from a standard cigarette-lighter socket. It looks like the human species are covering all eventualities.

So what can we expect in the future? Hover crafts? Flying spaceships?

If you have any thoughts about the future of cars and technology, we would love to receive your thoughts below.

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